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An Interview with Chelsea Baker

Chelsea discusses her experience at the 2019 Brightspot Unified Challenge and how her life has been in the year since with Special Olympics golfer and fellow competitor, Matthew Gang.

Matthew Gang: Did you like playing at Creighton Farms last year?

Chelsea Baker: Yes, it was really fun.

Gang: It was amazing out there! What was your best memory at the golf course?

I have a home course at the strand. Right now I'm actually volunteering with the first tee kids camps.

Baker: I think it was hole nine I made a birdie putt to have us go up by one. It was really fun because I wasn't playing very well. So, when I made the putt it kind of boosted my confidence!

Gang: Yeah. I totally agree. I've never had a hole in one in my life but I got some putts and birdies as well. What else did you like about your trip to DC?

Baker: I loved everything about it. I loved touring because I've never been to Washington. When we got to tour the monuments and stuff it was really cool to see. And going to Arlington [National Cemetery] with all the wounded veterans. It was just amazing to be there with them to add that kind of personal experience to it.

Gang: Yeah I totally loved DC too—the museums and the monuments and just going around.

Gang: Can you tell me anything cool that has happened to you since last year?

Baker: Just traveling. I went to the [Florida] keys, a little bit ago with my friends and we kind of just fished and played around. A lot of trips to the other [Florida] coast for golf, which is just a day trip, maybe go to the beach and stuff. And let's see, I went to Montana and Colorado. I went to Colorado in March and I saw snow for the first time.

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Chelsea and Matthew Discuss the 2019 Brightspot Unified Challenge

Gang: How is your life different with COVID?

Baker: I'm not seeing as many people. Not being able to go out as much, I'm trying to stay in to not get my family sick, not get me sick. So I don't really go out. Staying on the outside.

Gang: Who is your favorite musician and music?

Baker: Music I really love country music. I like Thomas Rhett and I saw him in concert.

Gang: What have you been up to lately?

Baker: I have a home course at the strand. Right now I'm actually volunteering with first tee kids camps. Really good and all the kids just left there's a new batch that just came in and I've been doing it every week, except for some of the weeks I've had tournaments like last week I had a tournament.

Gang: Do you have any good golf stories to tell?

Baker: My golf game is getting better. I'm trying to be consistent in the 70s, at the moment, trying to just make it down there. Every time I'm really ready at the moment and I'll just have a bad hole and then kind of mess it up, but I come back and do better on the rest. So I'm just trying to be more consistent

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About the Author
Matthew Gang is a 2019 graduate of St. Paul VI in Fairfax, VA and is a student at Vanderbilt University. At PVI, Matthew was a varsity letterman and captain on his school’s golf team. He has been playing golf with his dad since he was 6 years old. Matthew has played golf all over the country and has participated in over 10 pro-am events. In his free time, Matthew loves to play sports, sing, participate in all things water, and hang out with his dudes.