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An Interview with Leo Tucker

Leo Tucker discusses his experience at the 2019 Brightspot Unified Challenge and how his life has been in the year since with Special Olympics golfer and fellow competitor, Matthew Gang.

Matthew Gang: Was it your first time to DC?

Leo Tucker: No, no, I've been in DC now for over 17 years. So I've been here for a bit and it's a great spot. I think most people who come for the first time will be shocked at how beautiful, green, and hilly it is. I think it's one of the prettiest places in the country.

Gang: I totally agree with you. Can you tell me anything cool that has happened to you since last year?

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Tucker: Um, that's a great question. I tell you what I'm going to Colorado on Thursday to do some camping so that I think will be cool. But I can't say that yet because I haven't gone yet. I shot a great round of golf at Oakmont– shot a nice 76 at Oakmont– which is really amazing for me. Oh! And my daughter bought her first home. That was awesome. That that would be the highlight of my year so far.

Gang: What is your daughter's name?

Tucker: My name is Sloan. And so she's 24 she bought a house in New York in the Hudson area about an hour outside of New York City and in an area called Newburgh. But I'm very proud of her for making a wise decision.

Gang: I'm really proud of your daughter as well too. Just tell her I said that! Who is your favorite musician, like music-wise?

Tucker: From a band perspective, it would probably be the band U2. From an individual individual performer, it would probably be Sting, so I'm a little old school. How about you. Who's your favorite band?

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Leo and Matthew Discuss the 2019 Brightspot Unified Challenge

Gang: Um, it depends. I like R&B and country. Sometimes I like Bruce Springsteen. My dad used to play Bruce Springsteen when I was little. When I was five years old my dad was playing it and I was like "Oh my god, Dad!" But tomorrow night we're going to play Bruce Springsteen for my dad's birthday.

Tucker: Nice! So what Bruce Bruce Springsteen song are you going to play.

Gang: USA.

Tucker: Ok! Born in the USA. It's a good one.

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About the Author
Matthew Gang is a 2019 graduate of St. Paul VI in Fairfax, VA and is a student at Vanderbilt University. At PVI, Matthew was a varsity letterman and captain on his school’s golf team. He has been playing golf with his dad since he was 6 years old. Matthew has played golf all over the country and has participated in over 10 pro-am events. In his free time, Matthew loves to play sports, sing, participate in all things water, and hang out with his dudes.