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An Interview with Tom Capel

Tom Capel discusses his experience at the 2019 Brightspot Unified Challenge and how his life has been in the year since with Special Olympics golfer and fellow competitor, Matthew Gang.

Matthew Gang:. Did you have fun playing at Creighton Farms last year?

Tom Capel: I had more fun than I deserve, Matt. Not only is it a good golf course, the people that run the golf course are excellent. And the way you all put that tournament together, it was, it was more than anybody can ever expect. I mean I love playing golf and I don't ever expect to win, I just like the people I play with. I just like talking to them and getting to know them. And hopefully somewhere down the road if they ever need anything from me— I exchanged my cards, my phone numbers, all my communication—just if you ever need anything from me, I'm here. Just give me a call.

Gang: Yeah I will. What was your best memory at the golf course?

Capel: Well, you know, one year...I can tell you about my bad one when I couldn't get off the first tee. It was pretty bad because I couldn't hit my driver. I was going through some stuff that day with that driver, you know. But my best memories...I played with a young man named Jonathan and his dad and mom were there and he has so much going on in his lifetime and he was just having fun out there. He's a great golfer and it's always good to see that. And it's always good to see those wounded warriors out there—Chad Pfeifer, who you know very well, Andrew—see those guys out there, who've been to the battlefield and get to come out and and mix up with the Special Olympics, the First Tee, and they just get to know each other. You know we all got some challenges in life but I think what that made everybody understand was that even though you have challenges in life, that there's somebody out there that may be just a little worse off than you. So let's all chip in and try to help push everybody forward and do all we can to help each other

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Sgt Major Tom Capel and Matthew Discuss the 2019 Brightspot Unified Challenge

Gang: Can you tell me anything cool that happened to you since last year?

Capel: Oh, I'll tell you something cool and it's very busy, though. We opened up a bakery. My wife and I opened up a bakery here in Fayetteville, NC. If you Google it it's called Nothing Bundt Cakes. And I think y'all got one there in Reston, Virginia. Yeah, so they are all over. And that place has been keeping me very busy. So yeah...that's the cool thing we've done here this year, but everything else has been very low key and staying at home and trying to take care and be safe.

Gang: What do you do at the bakery when you work in there?

Capel: Oh well. I hardly do anything (laughs). We have 20 employees and the cakes are baked fresh every day inside the bakery. And they sell like crazy! There is always a line up there of people who want to buy cakes and we have 10 different flavors. So I go up there and, you know, if some boxes need to be moved, I move some boxes. If stuff needs to be lifted, I lift it. If stuff needs to be cleaned or straightened up, I help do that. But other than that, we have 20 employees and they kind of keep the place going

Gang: I feel that. How is your golf game? Do you have any great golf stories to tell from 2020?

Capel: My golf game got pretty good. I'm kind of afraid to start bragging because I kind of got out there and I shot 72 for the first time, even par. And I thought that was just awesome. And I've just been trying to shave points off my score—just get them down as low as I can. So I'm getting a few more birdies than I used to get. I'm staying away from double bogeys. I may get a bogey, but if I get a birdie to match it out I feel kind of good that I'm back at even again. So it's getting good and I'm coming after you Matt!

Gang: Yes, exactly. But my golf game is pretty good. Birdies, pars, and no double bogeys.

Capel: Yeah I know, I've seen you play. You're hot! You've got a hot putter, a hot driver, hot wedges. So you keep doing what you're doing!

Gang: Same to you, man! I like it.

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About the Author
Matthew Gang is a 2019 graduate of St. Paul VI in Fairfax, VA and is a student at Vanderbilt University. At PVI, Matthew was a varsity letterman and captain on his school’s golf team. He has been playing golf with his dad since he was 6 years old. Matthew has played golf all over the country and has participated in over 10 pro-am events. In his free time, Matthew loves to play sports, sing, participate in all things water, and hang out with his dudes.